Electric Car Plan FAQs.

Ready to learn more about AGL’s Electric Car Plan charging solutions? Take a look at our helpful and extensive list of FAQs.

AGL Electric Car Plan Terms & Conditions.

  • Additional terms and charges may apply to the installation of equipment relating to the AGL Electric Car Plan.
    • AGL may provide you with installation terms for equipment and works required to configure your Supply Address for the AGL Electric Car Plan.
    • Additional installation costs may apply for non-standard installations (including costs incurred due to your requests relating to the position or installation of any equipment or wiring in your home, or costs arising out of the site conditions at your supply address), which will be quoted to you prior to the work being performed.
    • If you decline to proceed with installation for any reason, the AGL Electric Car Plan will be cancelled for your Supply Address.
    • You agree to pay a call-out fee of $150 if you fail to attend a scheduled meeting with our installer at the Supply Address.
  • In order to be eligible to receive the AGL Electric Car Plan:
    • you must pay AGL all quoted costs for the installation and configuration of your Supply Address, including the installation of the metering device that will separately measure your electric vehicle charging consumption;
    • your designated electric vehicle charging station must be separately metered on a dedicated circuit in your home;
    • no unauthorised device, appliance or installation may be connected to the same circuit as your designated electric vehicle charging station and you must not allow the metering devices or charging station to be altered or replaced without AGL’s permission;
    • you must not run a business at the Supply Address;
    • you must not charge more than one vehicle from the EV charging station or circuit to which AGL Electric Car Plan applies; and
    • AGL and its contractors must be granted safe and reasonable access to the metering and charging equipment at the Supply Address for installation, maintenance and audit purposes.
  • Discounts, including discounts off usage charges, do not apply to AGL Electric Car Plan charges.
  • Changes to your electricity plan and value added services:
    • Despite anything else in your Energy Plan or Offer document, you will be billed quarterly while you are on the AGL Electric Car Plan. If you previously accepted monthly billing, your electricity account will be changed to quarterly billing.
    • Certain AGL features and services may not be available while on the AGL Electric Car Plan, including:
      • Bill Smoothing
      • Bill on Demand
      • AGL Energy App
      • My AGL IQ
      • Email energy alerts
      • Monthly billing
      • Solar Command
    • You acknowledge and agree that any service or tool that estimates usage, cost or savings may not take into account the AGL Electric Car Plan.
  • If you meet the eligibility criteria for AGL Electric Car Plan, you will be charged an additional $1 (incl GST) per day for 12 months. While AGL Electric Car Plan is active, any usage charges (which are generally charged “per kWh”) for one electric vehicle’s charging consumption that AGL measures will not be charged or will be reversed (but will not fall below zero). The electric vehicle charging consumption that AGL measures will be deducted from your total household usage calculated in accordance with your Energy Plan and will not be shown separately on your Energy Plan bill.
  • AGL may cancel or suspend the AGL Electric Car Plan for your Supply Address if you do not continue to meet all eligibility criteria specified by AGL or if the electricity Energy Plan for the Supply Address is cancelled for any reason. From the date of suspension or cancellation (which AGL may retrospectively back-date to the date you ceased to meet any eligibility criteria), you agree that AGL may charge you the usage charges that apply to your Supply Address according to your Energy Plan.
  • The price of the AGL Electric Car Plan is not fixed after the first 12 months and AGL may vary its prices with written notice to you, including at the end of your Energy Plan if we write to you with details of a new Energy Plan that will apply after your Energy Plan End Date.
  • You may cancel the AGL Electric Car Plan for your Supply Address by providing AGL 20 Business Days’ notice – no exit fee will apply.
  • If you have solar panels, your electric vehicle may use solar generated electricity to charge before drawing power from the grid. Regardless of whether you have the AGL Electric Car Plan active, you will not receive credits for solar power used in this way.
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