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Unlimited charging for your electric vehicle for a dollar a day.

Why choose AGL for your electric vehicle?

At AGL, we’ve been an innovative force in the Australian energy landscape since 1837. And today, our energy expertise is helping Australians charge ahead in their electric vehicles – providing the right energy solutions now and into the future.

So to charge ahead with the AGL Electric Car Plan, call our experts on 1300 001 515 and let them find you an energy solution that matches both your home and set of wheels.

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Here's what we offer.

Unlimited charging for just $1 a day.

Unlimited charging for just $1 a day.

Charge your electric vehicle for just $1 a day – anytime, any day of the week – on our 12-month energy plan. This way you'll always have the certainty of knowing how much it will cost you to charge your car.
The right solution.

The right solution.

When it comes to finding the right electric vehicle charging solution, there’s no point settling for second best. That’s why we’ll look at things like how and when you usually charge, and the distance you drive, so you can decide on the best value option for your needs.
Carbon offsetting with AGL Future Forests.

Carbon offsetting with AGL Future Forests.

The beauty of electric vehicles is how much better they are for the environment, compared to their petrol-fuelled counterparts. And with the AGL Electric Car Plan, the carbon emissions associated with the electricity used to charge your electric vehicle at your home are 100% offset. If you’re on our $1 a day plan, that’s completely free of charge thanks to the AGL Future Forests initiative.
We offer charging stations.

We offer charging stations.

Cut your car’s charging time in half as you enjoy the convenience of an AGL-installed Delta charging station. You can get one in your own home for as little as $799 (plus the cost of installation) when you sign up to the AGL Electric Car Plan.

Tailored EV charging solutions.

Use our calculator tool below to see which electric car charging solution might best suit your needs in just a few quick and easy steps.


Electric Car Plan FAQs.

Ready to learn more about AGL’s Electric Car charging solutions? Take a look at our helpful and extensive list of FAQs.

  • How can I work out what the best energy plan is for my electric car and my home?

    A good place to start is calling 1300 001 515 and speaking to a member of our customer solutions team. They can help you figure out the right AGL energy plan for you electric car and your home.

    Otherwise, try answering these two questions:

    1. When will I charge my electric car?
      • If you charge your electric vehicle at different times, day and night, the AGL Electric Vehicle Plan should give you greater flexibility.
      • Or, if you charge mostly at night, an energy plan with a time of use or off-peak tariff may be a cheaper option – depending on the area you live in.
    2. What car do you own and how far do you drive it?
      • Electric vehicles differ in the number of kilometers they can travel on an electric charge. If your vehicle travels more than, say, 40 kilometers per charge, the AGL Electric Car plan may help limit your charging costs to no more than $1/day.
      • But if your electric vehicle travels less than 40 kilometers on a charge, or you use it for short trips or infrequently, it might be cheaper for you to charge it on your household electricity tariff.
  • How does the AGL Electric Car Plan work?

    For $1 per day (GST inclusive), the AGL Electric Car Plan allows customers to charge their electric car whenever they like, as often as they like.

    As part of this plan, we’ll also offset the carbon emissions associated with charging your electric car at home through the AGL Future Forests scheme. To learn more about it, go to

    Here’s what will happen after you’ve signed up to the AGL Electric Car Plan:

    • We’ll arrange to have an additional digital meter installed at your home so we can read how much electricity you’re using to charge your electric car versus the rest of your home.
    • As long as the installation of your second meter is standardandrequires no extra work to make it happen, it’ll cost you’ll nothing – we’ll install it next to your home’s main meter for free. Read ‘What are the costs of installing the digital meter?’ for more details.
    • If your additional digital meter won’t fit next to your home’s main one, we’ll find another spot to install it– possibly next to your electric car charging outlet.
    • If your home’s main meter isn’t a digital one, we’ll replace it at the same time we’re onsite to install your additional digital meter – we won’t charge you to install this one either.
    • Once your additional meter’s been installed, you’ll be charged $1 per day onwards after the first time the designated charging outlet starts to consume power – no matter how much or little you use it.
  • Can I get the AGL Electric Car Plan for my business?

    Sorry, but right now, the AGL Electric Car Plan is only available to our residential customers.

  • Can I get the AGL Electric Car Plan if I’m renting my home?

    Yes, as long as the owner of your property and any other relevant bodies (like the Owners Corporation) have formally approved the installation of the additional digital meter. Please call us on 1300 001 515 if you need our help with seeking this approval.

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